Ask the Rabbi and Each Other!

Fox looking at you like you have some explaining to do.
Nu? Well????

Hi, hi, hi!!

It's been a while since we've had a chance for an open community post, and it's been even longer since we've done a proper Ask The Rabbi post, so I figured this would be a good time to try more of the free for all out in this new space.

I've also installed a plugin that should (hopefully 😬 🤞) make commenting easier– let me know how that works for you? Happy to tinker with other options if this isn't it.

So, nu: What's on your mind, your heart, your soul these days?

What would you love to hear from a community of brilliant, like-minded souls such as yourself (and some, very different from yourself)? ASK.

Someone asks a Q and you have on what reasonable basis to A? Please do share your perspective and experience.

Have a question and you want me and/or only me to weigh in? Specify that it's for me only, or "everybody, but please especially" me, or whatever floats yer boat.

Feel more comfortable asking me anonymously? Here you go!

Have some brilliant advice, a key podcast or book recommendation, or something else to share with the rabble? Please! We want to hear it!

Some things to get your thinking flowing:

  • What are your questions? What’s on your mind? Heart? Soul?
  • Spiritual challenges?
  • General advice you’d love from this glorious commentariat?
  • Book or music or podcast or poem or art recommendations you’re itching to share with quality people?
  • Thoughts about how you'd like this community to unfold in its newer incarnation? Should there be a regular space (Discord or etc) that's just a space for folks to jam at each other? If so, is there a preferred platform?
  • If I did the occasional thing on Zoom/Google Hangout/whatever, would you prefer a one-off class (like a text study on a particular topic), or occasional open chat Q&A conversation time? If the former, are there topics you're particularly gunning for?
  • Since the last post was A Lot, re-asking: other things you'd love more of (or less of, or would want to have any of, or etc) in this space?
  • Anything else?

The questions for me that come in through the anonymous Google form and here will get answered in a few weeks, unless there's something that seems particularly time-sensitive.


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