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At Life is a Sacred Text, the mulivocality at the heart of the Jewish tradition deeply informs how we roll: pluralistic community conversations are at the heart of the work. We believe in honoring diverse perspectives and that Ben Zoma got it right in Pirke Avot/Sayings of the Sages (4:1) when he said: "Who is wise? The one who learns from everyone."

We ask you to follow a few basic rules and reserve the right to delete comments that violate this policy.

  • No hate speech, doxxing or threats, obviously, duh.
  • Keep it respectful — even, or especially when you do not share the same opinion on something
  • "X people do not have the right to exist, or are somehow bad or wrong for existing," is not an opinion, it is hate speech. "How do you reconcile X Biblical verse with Y perspective?" is a question, if X is a topic on which you would like to engage.
  • Jerky behavior toward other commenters will be removed.
  • NO proselytizing. Great that you think your religion/faith/atheism/use of herbs/whatever is good for you! I'm so glad! You're more than invited to talk about how it's impacted your own experience, path, perspective, life. You are not invited to describe it as objective truth, the one obvious path for anyone with brain cells, or the thing anyone/everyone should do/follow.
  • Try to add something new to the conversation or move it forward
  • Folks who repeatedly flout the rules and ignore moderator feedback may be banned.
  • Have questions about this policy or comment removal? Email us. We'll do our best to explain our choices when the inquiry is reasonable.

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