out of the liminal?

Binoculars at a tourist spot that you have to pay a quarter for
With help, maybe we can see what's waiting on the other side

The end of Numbers! Can you believe it?

Do you remember how, at the beginning of Numbers, we talked about endings, liminal spaces, and beginnings?

And how the liminal space is a time of both confusion and one of creativity– letting go of the old ways, finding one's way into the new reality. Anxiety, but also a profound flowering of new ways of being and doing that could not have existed before.

In a sense, all possibilities are open.

But eventually, directions need to be chosen; of the paths that diverge in a yellow wood, one must be trod.

The move out of the Liminal Zone, however, is into New Beginnings–

full of new understandings. New values. New attitudes.

A release of energy in a new direction as a new identity is formed.

New, new, new.

A different level of clarity, confidence, as different future is envisioned.

As we leave the midbar, the wildnerness, are we gaining more clarity?

Has the liminal zone served its purpose??

Some questions to consider:

  • I wonder how you might characterize this trip through Numbers/Bamidbar for you. Has it felt like a journey for you? If so, what have you learned? How has the wilderness changed you?
  • How do you think the Israelites have changed through this time through the midbar, the wilderness? What do you think the liminal was for them? What did it offer? Where has it left them?
  • What are the Israelites ready to begin, now? In the plain/surface sense, of course, they're ready to begin their new life in the Promised Land. But in a deeper sense? What do you think?
  • What are some new beginnings — both external and internal — that have occurred in your life? What kinds of patterns can you identify? Whether new relationships, projects, places, states of mind, goals....?
  • What's waiting to come into your life after time in the liminal zone? It could be an idea, a belief, a principle, an attitude, a strategy, or a situation...

What do you think, dear community? Would love to hear your reflections...


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