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🐶 Hi! Hi! Hi! 🐶

There are like EVENTS and stuff that are coming up!

(also so many more in my capacity as Scholar in Residence at NCJW.org, but one things at a time.)

Come see me IRL, over IG or ETC!

I know I am often a bit of a hermit so honestly here are some of the (mostly) ON REPENTANCE AND REPAIR: MAKING AMENDS IN AN UNAPOLOGETIC WORLD gigs that I’ll be gigging in th next lil’ while.

Come and get it while it’s piping hot.

(In which PB is “paperback” not “peanut butter.”)

  • Friday, September 1st, 9am ET/8am CT, Beyond the Pale Radio, listen here
  • Thursday, September 7th, 7:30pm CT Bookends and Beginnings, Evanston IL, with the great Marjorie IngallON REPENTANCE AND REPAIR and her book SORRY, SORRY, SORRY— register here.

(The captions are funky, the return bus ticket is a shuv)

Here (below), I’m talking about the impetus for the book—starting to realize that the laws of repentance could be applied in a broader way—and from there, I started to try to apply it to institutional harm, systemic harm, national harm.

.🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.. 🎉.

Yes, hey, all of these are birthday parties for this book’s paperback!


Anyway, come vibe with me?

If I did an open AMA (ask me anything) from my Instagram (Live), would you come?

And it’s possible a few more things might be added still, will update as relevant etc etc etc

  1. Let the record state that I hear this song in the subtitle in addition to the obvious in the title.


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